24x7 playout with support for all major formats, branding and streaming.


Create professional graphics using animated videos, crawls and tickers


Automate your on-air output by controlling our products or 3rd party devices.


Live production with our shotboxes and video mixers.


WidePath Technologies

WidePath is a broadcast technology company specialized in high-end solutions for TV stations, public institutions, universities, houses of worship, IPTV and numerous other areas of broadcast. We provide solutions such as MCR automation, playout, CG, ingest, MAM, video-mixers, multiviewers, etc.

Our 15 years of experience and installations on all the continents are our best recommendation. We're trusted both by small TV stations and by global networks such as Televisa or Dish.

Supported Video Cards

We support a variety of playout and recording video cards that allow you to deliver your content in the highest possible quality.
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