In order for an automation solution to successfully operate in a broadcast facility it needs to be powerful, scalable and yet user friendly. It also needs to be engineer-friendly and require virtually no maintenance. And yes, we have accomplished it… Our automation solution – AirMaster, carries the entire playout process on its own, without a need for any proprietary hardware. It can use multiple video servers on a single playlist even if they are from different manufacturers. In case of a server crash auto switching from main server to the backup server is included as standard. Switching router control, manual control for servers and other devices and video preview are all integrated into the GUI. A separate scheduling application is included. It will let you print as-run reports or interface to third party traffic solutions.


  • Includes drivers for 16 devices. There are no fees if user decides to control more devices
  • Makes a scalable system, easy to install and expand. Installation and set up could take as little as 10 minutes
  • Controls multiple video servers on a single playlist, even if these servers are made by different manufacturers
  • Multiple redundancy options
  • Server crash detection
  • Drag and drop playlist editing
  • Various email and sound alerts
  • Multiple timers, real time clock and a stopwatch 
  • Manual control and status information feedback for all devices at all times
  • Database search by various parameters (ID, Description...), supports * wildcard, sorts results
  • Delivered with a separate MAM/scheduling application. Creates as-run lists, as-run reports and invoices
  • No proprietary hardware

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