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TransportConverter is the ideal solution to convert any signal type. It can convert SDI to stream, stream to NDI,  stream to a different stream type…

It supports most popular streaming protocols like RTMP, UDP (DVB Compatible), and NDI as well as different input cards provided by Decklink, Aja or Bluefish. For example, with the DVB protocol, either by unicast or multicast, TransportConverter is the ideal solution in those processes where it is required to send a signal to a headend for its next stage.

TransportConverter converter has up to 3 different outputs/channel: 1 SDI or NDI® and 2 IP Streams.

In the event that the stream signal is broken or no audio is detected for a specified time, TransportConverter can send email alerts to notify up to three different users of the event.

In addition, it logs SCTE104 and SCTE35 triggers and works as 608 and 708 CC decoder.


Key Features: 

  • Different inputs types: SDI, IP Stream or NDI.
  • Outputs: 1 SDI or NDI and 2 IP streams
  • Output Stream format: RTMP, UDP, DVB, SRT
  • Up and down video format conversion on the fly
  • SCTE104 and SCTE35 loggingç
  • Closed captioning decoder, 608 and 708
  • Unicast or multicast streaming
  • Configurable streaming video and audio bitrate.
  • Email alerts when audio not detected or stream is broken.
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